Valessentia : a group at the service of operational excellence and performance

Our Goal: A sane Society with full employment through employee development and enterprises performance towards common positive company goals.

Our Approach

Over the past 25 years, Valessentia's experts have broken down all the steps that constitute the value chain.

chaine de valeurs
Only the Value Chain in the organization, delivers the Customer. Any function of the organization is :
  • either in the Value Chain
  • or a support of the Value Chain.
Excellence results from improvements of elementary processes, to the benefit of each internal customer oriented towards the Client. The challenge is to know to which improvements to allocate the resources of the enterprise in order to ensure the highest level of performance for the whole organization. The aim is to guarantee the greatest benefit for each stakeholder..

Our offers

Risk management

Valessentia has developed leading expertise in the management of cultural and organizational changes, in terms of value creation and operational excellence.

Ample, quick and lasting gains

We put this expertise in performance development into practice through four complementary offers, to support our customers globally.

Let's climb to the top of excellence.

Identify and optimize with you the performance levers of your entire value chain

ICONE"Let's transform the ordinary into the extraordinary"

Give meaning to the actions of each of your employees to increase their impact tenfold.

"Let's transform complexity and diversity into elegant simplicity"

Integrate simple and visual software to sustainably manage your performance.

icone "Let's spend your time improving rather than equipping"

Equip your sites and your teams with resources that promote health, safety and efficiency on a daily basis.