Valessentia applies its high-level Lean expertise
to advise, train, digitalize and equip
companies that are looking for operational excellence.

Impossible is not our way of thinking !


Flow management
just what you need

Simplify and make robust processes by creating value flows.

Perform by driving operations to serve the customer.

Be competitive by ensuring that resources are available when needed.

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Controlling variability

Ensure a safe and ergonomic working environment.

Eliminate defects and control processes to get it right the first time.

Eliminate all types of stoppages or slowdowns and guarantee the reliability of equipment.


Leaderships & skills

Identify and share clear and winning orientations.

Capitalize on know-how and continuously increase skills.

Balance and ensure operational results in the short, medium and long term.


Founded in 2003, Valessentia is an international consulting firm recognized for its expertise in performance management.

Created by pioneers in change management and the global approach, Valessentia has built a real expertise in achieving the essence of value.This consists in acting on the whole value chain of the company,from positioning to after-sales service by :

  • Leading a culture change in the company,
  • developing the agility of the organization,
  • accelerating innovation..

Valessentia brings this lean management expertise to companies through four offerings: Consulting, Training, Solutions and Equipment..

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