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Valessentia consultants intervene in your organization to :

Make the global value chain more efficient by ensuring the effectiveness of flows in all processes

Transmit all their knowledge to make you autonomous

Set up a management system to ensure the sustainability of performance

Our trade

Over the last 20 years, Valessentia's experts have formalized all the steps that make up the value chain.

Only the value chain delivers the customer within the organization.

Every function of the company is either integrated in the value chain or supports the value chain. Excellence is the result of improvements in elementary processes, made for the benefit of each internal customer.

The challenge is to know to which improvements to dedicate the company's resources in order to ensure the highest level of performance of the entire organization, the goal being to guarantee the greatest benefit for each stakeholder.

To achieve this, our experts propose to set up a global value creation system, composed of people and processes, which uses different tools and methodologies to effectively manage the strategy and cultural change of an organization.

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What we do for you:

Whatever your function in the company or your sector of activity, discover the expertise of Valessentia Consulting :