Our expertise

Over the last 20 years, Valessentia's experts have formalized all the steps that make up the value chain.

Only the value chain delivers the customer within the organization.

Every function of the company is either integrated in the value chain or supports the value chain. Excellence is the result of improvements in elementary processes, made for the benefit of each internal customer.

The challenge is to know to which improvements to dedicate the company's resources in order to ensure the highest level of performance of the entire organization. The goal is to guarantee the greatest benefit for each stakeholder.

To achieve this, our experts propose to set up a global value creation system, composed of people and processes, which uses different tools and methodologies to effectively manage the strategy and cultural change of an organization.
Valessentia schema expertise

Flow management

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Simplify and make robust processes by creating value streams

- Eliminate all forms of waste
- Organize lines and processes in continuous flow to get it right the first time
- Balance ergonomic workstations
Capitalize on know-how and develop a sustainable effective attitude

- Optimize resources to the just needed
- Standardize the best ways of doing things
- Achieve the right gesture
To treat the request by starting from the customer's need

- Permanently reduce flow times
- Spreading and leveling demand by working on Takt Time
- Pulling the flows

Controlling variability

Controlling processes by eliminating defects

- Do not pass on defects to the next step
- Do not create defects
- Eliminate special causes of variability
Eliminate all types of stoppages and guarantee the reliability of means

- Restore and know how to keep the equipment in good working conditions
- Capitalize on know-how and ensure the competence of people
- Enrich the design or implementation of new equipment
Eliminate the difficulty of working

- Identify and control risk factors
- Transform the work environment in an ergonomic and fair manner
- Educate and empower


To be agile and responsive to solve problems on a daily basis

- To have a voluntary discipline

- Work in a multidisciplinary team

- Solve problems at the right level

Ensure operating results every year

- Manage with indicators anchored on reality
- Deliver the annual progress plan with an eye on the long term
- Ensure the cohesion of the management team

Continuous progress towards excellence

- Focus alternately on each of the 3 areas of progress

- Leading change along a shared journey

- Keeping the course and pace of progress by constantly adapting to changes in the environment

Our approach in 5 fundamentals

Listening, guiding and supporting the General Management

Capturing support points

Identify the blocking points

Supporting leaders in their work and helping them to stay on course

Listening, guiding and supporting the General Management

Process and results

Unfolding work processes so as not to be subjected to them

Establish the best speed of progress

Measuring the results through the monitoring process

Process and results

Compact to transcend

Permanently reduce flow times

Focusing on the essential

Stimulating creativity through the "workshop" method

Compact to transcend

Follow up, train, coach to perpetuate

Stabilise before continuing to improve

Standardise tasks

Managing through visuals

Follow up, train, coach to perpetuate

Pass on our knowledge and quickly increase your profitability

Focusing on real needs

Transfer of knowledge

Lifelong Guidance

Constantly raising the level of need

Preparing leaders to integrate new and innovative ideas

Pass on our knowledge and quickly increase your profitability

Valessentia Consulting

Expert consultants with over 15 years of know-how and operational expertise acquired in the field.

Proven methods from our experience, constant search for best practice and continuous innovation.

A single point of contact to help senior management develop their strategies and to support operational staff in executing them.

A global approach that combines performance and health at work while preventing Lean drifts.

A team of expert consultants capable of intervening rapidly in the main industrialised and emerging countries in native language.

A commitment to intense, sustainable results.

A complete transfer of knowledge to allow autonomous deployment.