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Management Team - Human Resources - Supply Chain - Operations

Management Team

How many leaders or executives consume energy in internal conflicts or in unproductive meetings?

How many management teams, in good agreement, spend their energy in the wrong direction?
How many leaders are satisfied with a managerial role instead of becoming true leaders?

In a team, each member knows exactly how much his or her colleagues contribute to the common goal. Let's create the conditions to find the true North together and lead the change successfully in the shortest time with the minimum of well-coordinated resources. 

Human resources

How many organizations suffer from absenteeism due to loss of motivation or occupational diseases?

How to involve managers in HR processes and drive cultural change?

How many difficulties do companies face in retaining their competent staff or training their employees in a short period of time?

How can we cope with the amount of legal requirements with the limited resources available in companies?

Let's involve and develop the competence of your employees to ensure their motivation and to create an agile management. Let's ensure the quality and completeness of information to minimize physical and psychological risks and to develop the potential and efficiency of human capital.

Supply chain
How much market share is lost due to unreliable lead times while inventories are overflowing?

How to ensure the alignment between supply and demand?

How do you choose your inventory levels and position them at the right place in the supply or distribution chain?

Let's put in place agile processes to ensure the robustness of expected lead times.

Analyze supply and delivery points to optimize logistics centers and flows. Let's establish market behavior curves to anticipate needs.
How can your company continue to fail to meet demand when scheduling seems to be making the most of production?

How much market share is lost due to non-quality when companies have obtained all the required certifications?

How much energy is consumed each year between sales and production for reasons of more or less reliable business forecasts?

How many companies are engaged in a crazy race for productivity and cost reduction when an improvement approach has been in place for years?

Let's have interactive and reactive 4.0 information flows in order to be agile in serenity.

Let's put in place robust and flexible processes to ensure that we get it right the first time, regardless of the diversity across the entire value chain.

Let's align all the stakeholders in the value chain to turn tension into wealth for both sales and operations.

Let's organize workplaces to focus resources solely on Value Added.